Join the team!

We are looking for top-notch instructors and staff to join our Part 141 Flight School in Springfield, Missouri! Competitive wages and plenty of opportunities to help you further your career in aviation.

  • Flight Instructor Opportunities:

We are looking for Certified Flight Instructors with their CFI, CFII ratings and at least a Second Class FAA Pilot Medical Certificate. Prior experience teaching in a G1000 aircraft is preferred but not required.

  • Average 10 Flight Students at a Time:

Take charge of teaching and training with an average of 10 flight students at a time. Work with a TAA fleet less than five years old and a steady stream of university aviation students.

  • Opportunities for Advancement:

This Certified Flight Instructor position offers advancement opportunities. With Premier Flight Center, you can continue to develop your career and expand your skills in aviation.



Position Title………… Certified Flight Instructor

Division………………… Flight School

Department…………… Flight School

Supervisor……………. Chief Flight Instructor/General Manager


The position described herein represents a general guideline of employee expectations on a day to day basis. Fulfilling these roles and responsibilities is considered an expectation and does not define above average performance – rather “as expected” performance. A positive attitude, promptness, dependability, work-time flexibility, and integrity is integral in exceeding management’s expectations. These attributes drive exceptional performance.


To provide excellent flight instruction and mentorship to our students in a safe and comfortable environment and work together with other instructors to overcome challenges in the learning process. Our flight instructors work to ensure compliance with applicable Transportation Security Administration (TSA) procedures, Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), and Premier Flight Center policy with training students.

Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

May include any and/or all of the following:

• Conduct excellent instruction with flight and ground students.
• Be an ambassador to safety by following applicable FOM procedures, filing reports using the current safety reporting system, attending periodic safety meetings, and maintaining a general safety mindset.
• Ensure student records are kept in an orderly and accurate manner.
• Periodically audit all records pertaining to students in their care and correct any errors while following applicable PFC procedures.
• Work in conjunction with flight scheduler to ensure adequate student progress towards applicable flight lab completion deadlines.
o Student progress is a shared responsibility. Schedulers ensure “quantity” of lessons, and Flight Instructors ensure “quality” of lessons.

Knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics:

1. Knowledge and instructor certification appropriate to the position sought
2. Knowledge of various flight instruction instrumentation and equipment
3. Interpersonal/human relations skills
4. Verbal and written communication skills
5. Ability to instruct/teach/tutor
6. Ability to operate personal computer and applications
7. Ability to approach problems/decisions analytically
8. Ability to reason logically and methodically
9. Ability to perform under stressful circumstances
10. Ability to push, pull, lift, and carry objects including the repositioning of aircraft using tow bar or tug.
11. Attentiveness to detail
12. Familiarity with Piper PA-28 aircraft preferred.

Minimum Qualifications:
Education and experience equivalent to:
• CFI, CFII ratings, MEI preferred.
• Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument rating for ASEL. AMEL preferred.
• 19 Years old or older.
• American citizen, or permission to work. (i.e., work visa)
• Pass a drug test and be subject to random drug screening. (if applicable)
• Complete TSA Security Awareness Training. (initial and recurring)
• Complete PFC indoctrination training, and pass a proficiency check in the appropriate aircraft with the Chief/Assistant Chief Instructor.
• Promotion to AMEL instructor is merit, experience and seniority based at the discretion of the Chief Instructor.
• Maintain at least 3rd class FAA medical.

Position Title………… Flight Operations Support

Division………………… Flight School

Department…………… Flight School

Supervisor……………. Flight Operations Manager


The position described herein represents a general guideline of employee expectations on a day to day basis.  Fulfilling these roles and responsibilities is considered an expectation and does not define above average performance – rather “as expected” performance. Attitude, promptness, dependability, work-time flexibility and integrity are integral in exceeding managements expectations.  These attributes drive exceptional performance.


Under general direction, provides daily coordination with Premier Flight Center students, faculty and administrative staff. Provide prompt service to students as they need assistance, as well as maintain a safe and orderly flight ramp & hangar. Ensuring operations are being conducted within Premier Flight Center weather minimums is a daily task.

Job Tasks and Responsibilities:

May include any and/or all of the following but not limited to:

1. Dispatch

  • Utilize TALON dispatch system to provide OC/RO/RI services to students and instructors.
  • Coordinate with maintenance staff to keep aircraft rotating through maintenance at an expeditious pace.
  • Conduct daily checks of student documents (PP/DL/Gov ID) before accessing flight line.
  • Assist in keeping PFC manuals and students folders updates.
  • Coordinating with General Aviation FBO to order fuel for aircraft throughout the day.
  • Assist students and instructors with XC fuel card check-outs.
  • Monitor status of all flights.

2. Operations

  • Ensure that an orderly hangar is maintained
  • Pull planes in the morning/ put away in evening in a manner that facilitates the highest level of operational efficiency.
  • Clean aircraft wings/windscreens/vertical stabilizer

3. Safety

  • This is everyone’s job!
  • Observe aircraft discrepancy log reports as they are filed and provide adequate response to the scenario.
  • Glance over ramp during in-between phases of blocks to ensure chocks are placed adequately under nose wheel.
  • Safety is very scenario based. If you see something, please say something.

4. Miscellaneous

  • Assist with student inquiries and tours as they arise… (Often many are walk-ins).
  • Assist with answering the phone.
  • Take out trash/recycling as needed.
  • Maintain an organized flight planning desk for students.

5. Performs other duties as assigned

Knowledge, skills, abilities and personal characteristics and Minimum Qualification:

  • Private Pilot’s License or higher.
  • 1 to 3 years of related work experience preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience in proactive customer care required.
  • Strong PC skills (for TALON).
  • Applicant is able to walk backwards, push/pull equipment (airplanes etc.) of heavy weight for periods of time.
  • Applicant is willing to work outside in all conditions (Cold/Hot Temperatures, Rain, Snow, Ice).
  • Good adaptability skills.
  • Detail Oriented
  • Proactivity…solves problems though asking questions, listening to responses, verifying information, considering alternate conclusions and staying solution-focused.
  • Working knowledge of academic policies and procedures is desirable
  • Work experience in an academic environment