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Premier Flight Center is the foremost flight training school in the Southwest Missouri area. Located at the Springfield-Branson National Airport, we offer programs for anyone interested in starting a professional aviation career, flying for business or for pleasure.

Our courses from Private, Instrument, Commercial or Instructor can, if needed, be conducted at an accelerated pace.

Interested in learning how to fly? Schedule your Introductory Flight Lesson today with Premier Flight Center! Flight Training can be easy, cost effective, and more fulfilling than you ever imagined! Our typical Introductory Flight Lesson is an hour and includes introduction and familiarization, pre-flight with an instructor, a half hour flight where you’ll have the opportunity to get your hands on the controls, learn some maneuvers, and ask as many questions as you can think of! Introductory Flight Lesson: $200


Private Pilot's License

Realize your dream and become a pilot. At Premier Flight Center you can do it in as little as three to four months!  Normal operations are Monday – Friday from 7 am to 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 4 pm. However, we’ll work around your schedule. Contact us to learn how.


Commercial Pilot License

Get paid while doing what you love. This is your way to make aviation more than just a hobby, make it a career! Many of our commercial students have career options after certification.

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Instrument Rating (IFR)

We will tailor an accelerated program to fit your current experience level using both our Simulator and our Technically Advanced Aircraft. (TAA)


Piper Seminole

Piper Seminole PA-44-180

Horsepower 180
G500 Primary Flight Display

(2) Garmin 430 Moving Map GPS Glass cockpit

Piper Warrior

Piper Warrior PA-28-161

Engine: Fuel Injected Lycoming IO-320
Horsepower: 160

Avidyne EX5000 Full Glass Panel Display
Garmin 430 Moving Map GPS (Technically Advanced Aircraft) glass cockpit


When someone talks about a simulator, the fact that “it doesn’t feel like the real thing” almost always comes up. While that might not be a big deal when you’re learning instrument procedures, this lack of “feel” turns most devices into a paper weight when you try to learn basic aircraft handling. Force feedback systems are the answer to this problem. The Redbird FMX utilizes a force feedback system that takes the realism of your simulator experience to a completely new level. Control Loading allows you to learn how the aircraft controls will feel at various trim and airspeed combinations. In fact, you’ll be able to learn the core building blocks of flight on the ground before attempting to manhandle the real aircraft.


Is it hard to learn to fly?

No. People of all shapes and sizes, ages and abilities have learned to fly. It’s fun, and from the beginning of your training, you get to do most of the actual flying! On the practical side — while flying isn’t a difficult skill to learn, you’ll have to be willing to stick with it until you meet all the requirements. Also, you should consider the cost of becoming a pilot — you’ll have to pay for your physical exam and your lessons.

When can I start?

Right away. All you have to do is contact our flight center and sign up for an introductory lesson. You don’t have to have a student pilot’s certificate or a medical certificate to take flying lessons.

How many lessons do I have to take before I solo?

It depends on you, however, the more time you can commit to lessons consistently, the quicker/cheaper you’ll get done.  There is no set number of lessons or hours of flight training. Your instructor must make sure you have learned to perform certain maneuvers before allowing you to solo. These maneuvers include safe takeoffs and landings. You must use good judgment when flying and be able to keep control of the aircraft.
Also, you’ll have to get a medical certificate and a student pilot’s certificate to fly solo.

How long does it take to get a pilot’s license?

Premier Flight Center’s  custom training curriculum suggests a minimum of 2 flight lessons a week. With this frequency a new private pilot can expect to train between 50-60 hours.

How old do you have to be to get a pilot’s license?

You must be at least 16 years old to get your student pilot certificate. You’ll need to be 17 in order to receive the regular pilot’s license. There’s no age limit for you to fly, as long as you qualify medically.

How much does it cost to get a private pilot’s license?

Students who can commit to at least 3 lessons a week and who come prepared can expect to spend around $13,000-$15,000. That is very competitive to the nationwide average. Plus, Premier Flight Center has pilot supplies available! From checklists, to knee boards, to battery-charging backpacks….we got you supplied.

Is flying safe?

Yes. A well-built and well-maintained aircraft flown by a competent and prudent pilot is as safe or safer than many other forms of transportation.

If engine failure occurs, what will happen?

Modern aircraft engines are reliable and failure rarely occurs. However, your lessons will cover what to do in this situation, including selecting a good landing area and safely landing.

Can I obtain a Commercial Pilot’s License at Premier Flight Center?

Yes! we offer Private pilot, Instrument, and Commercial training, and multi-engine training as well. Premier is the area experts in specialized training such as Certified Flight Instructor, Instrument Proficiency checks, Bi-annual flight reviews, and even glass cockpit transition training.

FAQ questions were sourced from www.faa.gov/pilots/become/faq/  Read more here: www.faa.gov/pilots/become/


Is flying for you? This is how you find out. Get in the pilot seat! Take an introductory flight for $200!

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Corina Bond
General Manager

Matt Keener
Chief Flight Instructor, Gold Seal Instructor - CFII, BGI, IGI, AGI, MEI

Matt Beaty
Assistant Chief Flight Instructor, Director of Safety - CFII, MEI

Kyle Mckee

Seth Guffey

Chandler Steward

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Student Relations Liaison

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Flight Operations Manager

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Flight Operations Support

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CFI, Flight Operations Staff


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Premier Flight Center is a Part 141 Certified Flight School